Ice Cream Surfer now available on PS4 and Vita

Ice Cream Surfer, is available NOW on PS4 and Vita!

Developed by Dolores Entertainment, this crazy shoot em up will bring fresh diversion for all the family.

This tasty retro game will face the Ice Cream Heroes with the Evil Broccoli Squad.

Its difficulty levels make that game enjoyable for casual gamers as is as hardcore players.

Engage with a friend on the PS4 with the couch co-op mode.

Additionally, this game has Cross-Buy features, so, buy it one time and get both PS4 and PSVita versions!

And don’t forget to look for the Ice Cream Surfer PS4 Theme on the PlayStation Store!

Get it now!

PS4 (US)
Vita (US)
PS4+Vita Bundle (Europe)

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