Mushroom Heroes splash

Mushroom Heroes now available on PS4 and Vita

Mushroom Heroes is available NOW on PS4 and Vita! Developed by Dolores Entertainment, this retro platformer brings back the look and feel of the very best 90’s classics. The evil Gaddar has poisoned all the Boduria’s mushrooms! Yuppi, Jumpi and Dombi must find him, defeat him and get his antidote back for Boduria’s people before

King Lucas splash

King Lucas now available on Switch

King Lucas will be available next 21st of February for Switch! King Lucas is a lighthearted retro-gaming metroidvania style developed by Devilish Games. With more than a hundred of handcrafted stages, and even multiplayer competition, this is an opportunity for you to taste that classic feeling with the graphics and sound quality of today! Don’t

Circuits now available on Switch

Circuits, is available NOW on Switch! Developed by Digital Tentacle and Ported by Rendercode games, this musical puzzle game will give the player an unique gameplay experience. Get now this innovative and minimalist game, listen to each melody and try to replicate it by completing each circuit! As we love music, we wanted to make