Who is Hidden Trap?

Hidden Trap is your trusted partner in bringing your games to life on the top console platforms. We’re proud to be an active part of the lively gaming community. Our journey has taken us to various gaming expos worldwide, giving us the privilege of connecting with developers.

Our Approach: Transparent and Supportive
We believe in transparent partnerships sharing all the information and having close relations with the developers. When we work with your game, you can trust that we’ll be there every step of the way. We value humility in our approach, always striving for success that benefits both sides. Your win is our win too.

Porting: Expanding Your Game’s Reach
Let us handle the intricate process of porting your game to major console companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, and PlayStation. We manage all the resources, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal effort on your part. Excited? Let’s talk!

QA & Testing: Elevating Quality Together
Teaming up with Lollipop Robot, a renowned QA & Testing company, we guarantee that your game hits the market with impeccable quality. With over 140 titles tested, their meticulous evaluations ensure a flawless gaming experience that players will adore.

Marketing: Boosting Your Game’s Visibility
We know exposure is crucial for indie games. That’s why we invest time and effort into tailored marketing strategies for your title. Through thorough research and careful planning, we create campaigns that grab players’ attention. Our network of content creators and review websites is ready to support your game, enhancing its visibility and impact.

Publishing: Your Success is Our Priority
With years of experience in the publishing industry, our dedicated team knows the secrets, shortcuts, and procedures for a successful release. We handle every aspect, ensuring your game launches with the best prospects for success.

Join Our Journey
We’ve had the privilege of attending various gaming expos and events, where we’ve had inspiring conversations with developers from all corners of the industry. From indie studios to established AAA teams, we’ve been fortunate to exchange ideas and learn from the diverse perspectives that shape the gaming world.

We invite you to be part of this journey with Hidden Trap. Come and show us your game, we will be waiting for you!

I will be pleased to meet you and talk about your game’s future success with Hidden Trap.


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