Welcome to Hidden Trap, your trusted partner in porting PC games into captivating experiences on the leading console platforms. We specialize in porting, QA, marketing, and publishing, enabling indie developers to expand their reach and conquer new horizons.

Porting: Seamlessly Expanding Your Game’s Reach
We effortlessly navigate the intricate process of porting your game to the most influential console companies (Nintendo, Microsoft, and PlayStation). Sit back and relax as we handle all the necessary resources, ensuring a smooth transition that requires no extra effort on your part. Sounds good? Let’s talk!

QA & Testing: Elevating Quality to the Next Level
Collaborating with Lollipop Robot, an esteemed QA & Testing company renowned for its expertise, we guarantee that your game hits the market with impeccable quality. With over 140 titles under their belt, their meticulous evaluation ensures a flawless gaming experience that players will love.

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Marketing: Amplifying Your Game’s Impact
We understand that indie games thrive on exposure, and that’s why we invest our time and effort into comprehensive marketing strategies tailored specifically to your title. Through in-depth studies and meticulous planning, we craft organic and paid campaigns that capture the attention of players. Our network of content creators and review websites stands ready to support your game, amplifying its visibility and impact.

Publishing: Your Success Is Our Priority
Drawing on years of experience in the publishing industry, our dedicated team is well-versed in the secrets, shortcuts, and procedures that guarantee a successful release. We handle every aspect of the publishing process, ensuring that your game launches with the best possible prospects for success.

Are you eager to introduce your game to a wider audience? We’re excited to hear about your projects! Reach out to us at the following address, and let’s embark on an unforgettable gaming journey together.