Bit Dungeon Plus now available!

Bit Dungeon Plus, is available NOW on PS4 and Vita!

We are happy to announce Bit Dungeon Plus arrived to your PS4 and PSVita consoles.

Developed by Dolores Entertainment, this fast paced retro roguelike combines the randomized loot of Diablo and the fast action combat of Zelda.

Bit Dungeon Plus features randomized dungeons in a pixelated world plenty of enemies, loot boxes and yeah, of course… massive final bosses!

Its accurate difficulty curve will bring you new experiences and challenges on each new adventure.

Engage with a friend and find your way on the PS4 with the couch co-op mode.

Did we said we still support the PSVita? Why? Because owners of this little beast deserve it!

And for the same price… get the Cross-Buy bundle with both PS4 and PSVita versions!

Get Bit Dungeon Plus NOW!

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