Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey is out on console platforms!!!!!

Du Lac & Fey just arrived to console platforms and they are seeking help to catch Jack the Ripper

Team up with Whitechapel local – Mary Jane Kelly – as you explore the capital’s underbelly, meet the intriguing characters who live there, and work with them to solve the crimes. But remember, every decision you make will influence their fates.

Link to the stores:
Switch America // Switch Europe: //Xbox // PlayStation Europe //PlayStation America

● A thrilling mystery set in Victorian London during the “Autumn of Terror”.
● Historically accurate crime scenes and true-to-life locations, meticulously researched
and fact-checked by experts.
● Performances by leading actors, such as Perdita Weeks (Kira from Ready Player
One), Gareth David-Lloyd (Solas from Dragon Age) and Alexandra Roach (Carrie
from Black Mirror).
● Story by Philip Huxley (Batman: Arkham Knight and Battlefield) and BAFTA
Breakthrough Brit winner Jessica Saunders.

● “Best Audio Design” TIGA Games Industry Awards – Winner
● “British Heritage” TIGA Games Industry Awards – Finalist
● “Best Dialogue in an Indie Game” G.A.N.G. Awards – Nominated
● “Best Character – Du Lac and Fey (tie)” Aggie Awards – Nominated

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